Non Competes - Share Your Story

1 in 5 American workers currently have non-competes in their contracts, which prohibit you from working at a similar job once you leave your company.

For all of these people, living with a non-compete means that if they want to leave their company to earn a higher salary or move up the ladder, they are limited in where they can work. Finding a new job can be tough, but non-competes make it even tougher.

That’s why I just introduced the Workforce Mobility Act, a piece of bipartisan legislation to limit the use of unfair non-compete agreements that hurt American workers. This is ground-breaking federal legislation that actually has a good chance at becoming law.

But if we’re going to make that happen, my colleagues in the Senate need to hear directly from you. I’m asking you to share your story about how non-compete agreements have affected your ability to find a new job, make more money or spend more time with your family.

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