Ambassador Samantha Power Sees Hope in New Congress

By:  Harriet Jones

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power told a Connecticut audience on Monday that she’s hopeful of meaningful cooperation with Senate Republicans as the Obama administration shapes its foreign policy.

Power spoke in Stamford at the invitation of Senator Chris Murphy, who organized a conference with business leaders about trade opportunities in Eastern Europe.

Power said continuing with strategic investments overseas is essential, and she looks forward to collaborating with senior Republicans. "Global engagement is a national interest that supersedes politics," she said, "and most Republicans and Democrats understand that if we disengage from confronting challenges abroad, whether it’s fighting the spread of Ebola or fighting the spread of ISIL, they may well find us here at home. We must confront these problems at their source."

Power said she is confident that Republican leaders such as Senator Bob Corker, who will now chair the Senate Foreign Relations committee, and Senator Lindsay Graham, who will chair a key subcommittee, understand the importance of U.S. global leadership and continued foreign aid.

She spoke about the critical role of supporting education and civil society in advancing democracy and human rights around the world.

Power recently returned from a trip to West Africa, where she witnessed efforts to stem the Ebola epidemic.