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Thank you for your interest in applying to one of the United States Service Academies. Being nominated is a significant honor and the application process is rigorous. It is important to continue to strengthen our proud military history by providing each United States Service Academy with the most qualified and meritorious candidates.

Deadlines: the application must be submitted by Tuesday, October 5, 2021:

Virtual Interviews will be held on October 30th and October 31st, 2021.

If you are interested in learning more you can watch the 2021 Service Academy Night virtual information session replay here.

Our nation's service academies offer four-year college educations to qualified students. Graduates of the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy receive commissions in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Merchant Marine, or Coast Guard, and are obligated to serve for at least five years after graduation. A Congressional nomination is not required to attend the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

I encourage all students who are interested in applying and willing to put forth significant time and effort to do so.

Eligibility for Nomination from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy:

  • U.S. citizen;
  • Connecticut resident;
  • At least 17 years of age and not yet 23 years old on July 1 of the year the applicant would enter an academy (25 years old for U.S. Merchant Marine Academy);
  • Unmarried; and
  • Not pregnant, and without legal obligation to support children or other dependents.

Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Official SAT/ACT scores - Scores may be sent directly to Senator Murphy’s office by using SAT code #0237 and ACT code #7114
  • Official high school transcript (in a sealed envelope with official signature across the seal)
  • Two letters of recommendation from non-relatives (in a sealed envelope with author's official signature across the seal); one must be from an academic source. These letters should address the applicant’s character, motivation, desire, ability and potential for success at the academy and as a leader in our military. NOTE: If more than two letters of recommendation are submitted, the Service Academy Coordinator will choose the two letters that will be submitted to the Service Academy interviewing panel.
  • Signed Acknowledgement Form

Please send SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation and acknowledgement form to Senator Murphy at:

        Office of Senator Christopher Murphy

        Attn: Service Academy Coordinator

        Colt Gateway

        120 Huyshope Avenue

        Suite 401

        Hartford, CT 06106

Additional Information

In addition to the above requirements, each academy has established academic, physical, and leadership requirements for admission. Candidates for appointment to each academy must:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive academic preparation;
  • Demonstrate leadership in athletics and other extracurricular activities;
  • Take the SAT, or the ACT;
  • Pass a comprehensive medical examination; and
  • Pass a physical aptitude examination.

Individuals seeking appointment to a service academy must also separately apply to each service academy to which he or she seeks to be appointed. Each academy requires the submission of a preliminary application to initiate the admissions process. Preliminary application materials are available from the academies' websites.

Best wishes to you as you pursue your goal of attending a U.S. Service Academy and serving our country.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email Senator Murphy’s office at


Application and supporting documents will open on May 31, 2021.

Academy Contacts

U.S. Air Force
Director of Admissions
Colorado Springs, CO 82840-5651
1 (800) 443-9266

U.S. Navy
Candidate Guidance Office
117 Decatur Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5018
(410) 293-4361

West Point
Admissions, Building 606
West Point, NY 10996

U.S. Merchant Marine
300 Steamboat Road
Kings Point, NY 11024-1699

U.S. Coast Guard
31 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320-4195
(800) 883-USCG (8724)