Bristol student's essay recognized by U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy

The Bristol Press

BRISTOL - A Northeast Middle School sixth grader’s essay is among the winners in U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy’s fourth annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day essay challenge. 

This year, Murphy received close to 1,500 entries from elementary, middle, and high school students from across Connecticut reflecting on King’s dream and their own aspirations. The 15 winners, three from each of Connecticut’s five congressional districts, were announced on Monday. The winners receive an official Senate certificate and will be honored at a future event. 

Northeast student Giavana Hatcher wrote about her aspiration to be the first biracial woman president. Her essay is below: 

“Have you ever thought about what life would be like without Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Or how some dreams wouldn’t be possible? Think about a dream for yourself. I already know mine. My biggest dream is to be the first biracial woman president. I would not be able to accomplish that without Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I especially wouldn’t be able to come close to being a president because of the color of my skin, not my character. I wouldn’t be able to shake hands with anyone. I wouldn’t even be able to vote because of my skin color. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. changed history for all of us. 

Now I will be able to vote when I am older and get to run for president too. Now I don’t have to worry about being affected when I run for president because of my skin color. I will be able to shake hands with anyone I want without having to worry. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would support me all the way through and he would most likely think that I am doing the right thing. That is why my dream wouldn’t be possible without Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepping up to make a difference.” 

On Martin Luther King Day, “we reflect on Dr. King’s legacy and his fight for justice and equality,” Murphy said. “Although his work is not yet complete, the United States is a better place because of Dr. King. These essays submitted from students across Connecticut sharing their hopes and dreams show that his legacy is still inspiring future generations.” 

“It’s hard to pick just a few, but I hope everyone takes the time to read these essays by students who remain committed to the ideals that Dr. King preached. I’m confident that if they stay engaged in their communities and continue to fight for what they believe in, we will get closer to fulfilling Dr. King’s dream,” he added. 

The full list of winners, with links to their essays, is below: 

1st Congressional District 

Sabrina Lam, Manchester, Manchester High School. 

Giavana Hatcher, Bristol, Northeast Middle School. 

Hadleigh Zavisza, Windsor, Oliver Ellsworth School. 

2nd Congressional District 

Lohanny Báez, Norwich, Norwich Free Academy. 

Lucy St. Germain, North Grosvenordale, Thompson Middle School. 

Maria Bachiochi, Coventry, Coventry Grammar School. 

3rd Congressional District 

Daëlle Coriolan, West Haven, West Haven High School. 

Nathan Pawlos, Hamden, Westwoods School. 

Joelina Vazquez, Middletown, Frederick Bielefield School. 

4th Congressional District 

Kavya Podila, Ridgefield, Ridgefield High School. 

Jovonn Sokolovic, Bridgeport, Park City Magnet School. 

Alyssa Monterio, Norwalk, Wolfpit Elementary School. 

5th Congressional District 

Kristen St Louis, Simsbury, Ethel Walker High School. 

Kyler Weinberg, Cheshire, Norton School. 

Myla LaSalle, Farmington, Noah Wallace School.