Charleston church shooting reignites gun control debate

By:  Jenn Bernstein
Fox Connecticut

WASHINGTON–The horrific shooting in Charleston is reigniting talk about gun control.

Wednesday morning on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Sen. Chris Murphy called on lawmakers to act.

Murphy said now is the time to do something about gun violence. He said the gun lobby cannot silence the conversation any longer.

“No matter how maligned congress becomes, we still set the moral tone for the nation,” said Murphy. “When we declare something to be morally out of bounds, especially when we do it in a bipartisan or nonpartisan manner, Americans listen. They take cues from our endorsements. That’s why in my heart of hearts, I believe that our silence has made us complicit in these murders.”

Connecticut Rep. Elizabeth Esty already reintroduced the House’s version, which is bipartisan, earlier this year.

The federal gun control bill would expand background checks to all commercial sales, including gun shows and Internet sales.