Chris Murphy delivers for "Day of Caring" on Sandy Hook day of remembrance

WTNH News 8

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - As an act of kindness to honor the Sandy Hook anniversary, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy delivered groceries to those in need Friday morning in New Haven.

For 6 years, December 14th has been one of the darkest days on the calendar, but it got a little brighter for New Haven resident Denise Bryant. She is diabetic and has trouble getting around.

"I could get sick because I have to eat at a certain time, but FISH coming by and doing this for us and people like me, it's truly a blessing," Bryant said.

FISH of Greater New Haven stands for Food In Service to the Homebound. It's a non-profit that delivers food to some 400 families every month.

"I mean, when people don't have enough food, what's the easiest way to solve that? Bring food to them," explained FISH Executive Director Jilan Crowley.

Helping with today's deliveries was U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, one of many people trying to make this dark day a little brighter with a day of caring.

"One of the movements that's grown out of the Sandy Hook tragedy is that one this day we try to encourage people to do small, unplanned acts of generosity," Murphy said.

Denise Bryant's day certainly got a lot brighter with that much needed delivery of food, but lots of people need help. That is why students and staff at Central Connecticut State University started their day of caring very early.

Before sunup, CCSU lit Davidson Hall in purple. That color is for the Ana Grace Project, a charity run with CCSU by the mother of Ana Marquez-Greene, one of the first graders killed 6 years ago.

"So we've been out here since 4:30 this morning setting up, and then at 6 am cars started to pull in, and it's been a steady flow," said CCSU  staff member Courtney McDavid.

A steady flow of people donating toys, clothes and non perishable food. All will go to needy New Britain families. If you're looking for a way to give back, there is actually a Facebook page called Random Acts of Kindness for Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"Nothing is ever going to bring those kids back, but I think if we all encourage each other to be a little bit better, maybe that's a positive legacy that can come out of all of that evil," Sen. Murphy said.

That is exactly what the victims' families would like to see. That and, maybe, being better to each other on all the other days of the year, too.