Oxford Performance Materials in South Windsor has sent more than 150 3D-printed surgical implants to hospitals in Ukraine since September 2022.

The company has partnered with Orthopedic Help for Ukraine to provide the parts pro-bono to victims of Russian violence.

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) praised Oxford Performance Materials for their dedication to bridging the gap between the public and private sector to support Ukraine.

"To me, this is a very worthwhile investment," Murphy said. "Ukraine is not asking for American troops to be deployed. Ukraine is not asking for American soldiers to do the fighting and the dying, Ukraine is willing to stand up for itself. It just needs funding and equipment to fight for itself."

Orthopedic Help for Ukraine co-founder Janine Ignatenko said the medical supplies are in high demand.

"They always need medical products, they always need medical clothes, which are expensive," Ignatenko said. "So they need everything. And they need our support."

Sen. Murphy praised the partnership and called on private companies to continue partnering with public efforts to support Ukraine.