Murphy, Blumenthal Applaud Obama's Pending Action On Gun Loophole

Bridgeport Daily Voice

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Just a day after Tweeting out every mass shooting incident in 2015 in the nation , U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy and his colleague Richard Blumenthal are welcoming reports that President Barack Obama will expand background checks to address the gun show loophole in purchasing weapons.

Murphy and Blumenthal have called on Obama to investigate and pursue all possible options under his executive authority to reduce gun violence.

“I’m grateful and relieved upon hearing that President Obama will reportedly use his office to expand background checks and save lives," said Murphy. "For three years, Congress has failed the families of the Newtown victims and victims of gun violence across the country. ... It’s beyond comprehension that Washington is turning a blind eye to the murder and mayhem in the communities we serve.

“Time and time again, Americans have said they want our laws to assure that only law-abiding citizens can own guns. The president should be applauded for doing what my colleagues in Congress refuse to do – listening to the American people and doing something to save lives.”

Murphy and Blumenthal were joined by 24 of their Senate colleagues in sending a letter to Obama last month, urging him to eliminate a loophole that allows individuals without a federal license to conduct high volumes of gun sales at gun shows, over the Internet, and elsewhere, without conducting background checks.

“There should be no question as to the legality and necessity of this bold, effective presidential action. It is essential due to Congressional inaction --‎ regrettably and reprehensibly making Congress complicit in the continuing epidemic of gun violence,” said Blumenthal. “This presidential initiative will help stem a public health crisis -- an epidemic of gun violence every bit as deadly as ‎an insidious disease.

"As we close another year with an estimated 30,000 gun deaths in America, I hope that this announcement is a first step in spurring a comprehensive response from Congress.”

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