Murphy Spotlights Manufacturing Work Of Stratford's Straton Industries

Westport Daily Voice

STRATFORD, Conn. – Straton Industries, a second-generation, family-run manufacturer in Stratford, is this week’s “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer,” U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced.

Founded in 1961, Straton Industries manufactures parts, molds, tools, dies, and stampings for customers in the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, military, and robotics industries. With the support of over 60 employees, the manufacturer provides CNC machining, 3-D printing, welding, heat treating, jig grinding, and other services out of three facilities in Stratford.

"Straton Industries highly values its workers and offers various programs to retain and expand their workforce," Murphy said in a statement. "The manufacturer provides ongoing safety programs and monthly incentives to its employees, and works regularly with Platt Technical High School to help prospective engineers and machinists kick-start careers in Connecticut’s manufacturing industry."

Over the past few years, Straton Industries has supplied valve housings and other components for manned and unmanned space missions, including the Space Shuttle Program and the International Space Station. It also manufactured the mechanical rock-drilling components on Mars Science Laboratory’s rover, Curiosity, which is on a mission to determine whether Mars is suitable to support life.

Additionally, Straton Industries’ Turbo parts can be found on Chevrolet’s Corvette model, and the company is working with Sikorsky Aircraft on the CH-53K Helicopter.

“It’s great that Straton Industries helps students at Platt learn first-hand what it takes to manufacture the parts that power space exploration and improve the world we live in," Murphy said. "Connecticut’s past, present, and future is in manufacturing, and I’m confident that Straton Industries and its workforce will continue to be a key partner in this industry.”

Dave Cremin, President of Straton Industries, praised the state's work force. “The state is known for its technical competence and experience in sophisticated manufacturing projects," he said. "The state has embraced partnering with industry to support skilled workforce training. That is key to Connecticut attaining a global competitive manufacturing environment.”

The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in Connecticut, creating new jobs and accelerating the economic recovery. Today, Connecticut’s 4,602 manufacturers account for 10.2 percent of the state’s jobs and 87 percent of the state’s total exports, Murphy said.