Murphy to Obama: Send more military aid to Ukraine

By:  Ramsey Cox
The Hill

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) called on the administration to provide lethal military aid to Ukraine.

Murphy said the United States and European countries should increase economic sanctions against Russian agressors.

“We must be prepared to use the tools at our disposal to pressure the Russian government to fully withdraw troops and end this crisis,” Murphy said on Friday. “Europe and the United States should simultaneously prepare new sanctions targeted at those responsible for the violence and provide the Ukrainian military with the equipment and defensive lethal weaponry needed to deter a full-scale invasion.”
Russian and separatist forces are gathering along Ukraine’s eastern border. Russia has already annexed Crimea, prompting the Ukrainian president to come to Congress calling for the government to send military support to Ukraine.

Murphy said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most recent aggressions are a “blatant violation" of a ceasefire agreement reached in September.

“Because President Putin has completely disregarded the ceasefire he agreed to, we have every reason to believe that he is preparing a new military offensive to take control of the key industrial regions of eastern Ukraine,” Murphy said. “His refusal to deescalate the situation is alarming, but not unfamiliar.”

Murphy’s comments came as the administration announced it would provide more economic aid to Ukraine. Murphy applauded that effort but said more could be done.