Murphy Visits Fairfield to Discuss Brexit's Impact on Ireland

Former Congressman Bruce Morrison and Senator Murphy Spoke at Gaelic American Club Forum on Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement

Fairfield Patch

Hundreds attended a forum at the Gaelic American Club (GAC) in Fairfield on April 15, 2019 to listen to US Senator Chris Murphy and former Congressman Bruce Morrison talk about Brexit's impact on Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Peace Accord. The forum was attended by many community leaders including Fairfield First Selectman Michael Tetreau, State Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey and Probate Judge Kate Neary Maxham. John Mineham, a member of the GAC, had opened the forum and introduced the dignitaries.

The event was organized by Senator Murphy, who just returned from a congressional trip to London, Belfast and Dublin. The program called "Keeping the Peace: A Conversation About Ireland and Northern Ireland In The Age of Brexit" discussed what the United States can do to preserve the peace attained by the Good Friday Agreement. Joining Murphy was former Connecticut Congressman Bruce Morrison, who was intimately involved in the peace process.

"If England leaves the European Union with no, detailed agreement on how to do so, then there is really no way but to erect some kind of border between Northern Ireland and Ireland," stated US Senator Chris Murphy. "If that were to happen, it would be a violation of Good Friday agreement and a disaster for a peace process that is ongoing," Murphy added.

"Brexit is a direct threat to the progress of the Good Friday Agreement," stated former Congressman Bruce Morrison. "So no one should believe that American politicians are going to reward a decision to allow Brexit direct the Good Friday Agreement. And the only way that will be true is if there are leaders like Senator Murphy, who stand up and say that. And there are citizens like yourselves who stand behind him and tell other political leaders to get on board and make that true," Morrison added

"What we're trying to avoid is a hard Brexit, which there will be pressure on Ireland to put back up that border, or any agreement that does not fully protect one way or another temporarily or permanently, the peace process," said US Senator Chris Murphy.

Senator Murphy closed the 90 minute forum by thanking the Gaelic American club and its leadership. To contact Senator Murphy, visit