Sen. Chris Murphy calls on Europe for more collaboration on fighting terrorism

By:  John Charlton
Fox Connecticut

FARMINGTON--Sen. Chris Murphy sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and after Thanksgiving break he plans to push to strengthen our defenses in the fight to combat ISIS.

Murphy visited Turbine Technologies in Farmington Monday to promote his amendment to the Buy American Act. The amendment would require at least 60 percent of components used to build military equipment be American made. Currently, the requirement is 50 percent.

Murphy said the 10 percent increase would generate 100,000 more jobs nationwide.

After the tour, the senator also addressed the ongoing terrorist situation in Europe, and the need to tighten up the no fly list with countries where their citizens don't need a visa to come here.

"What I'm proposing is we require these European countries and everybody who participates in the visa waiver program to give us better, quicker information," Sen. Murphy said. "If they don't, then we have to reconsider whether they should be part of this program."

Murphy said 20 million people each year visit the United States without needing a visa.