Sen. Chris Murphy’s 26 acts of kindness

By:  Beau Berman
Fox Connecticut

WATERBURY- Sen. Chris Murphy decided to deliver 26 acts of kindness in honor of Newtown on Friday. The initiative to do small acts of kindness for those around you was inspired by a Newtown student named Ashley Peterson.

Murphy started the day by placing a gift card in his mailbox for his letter carrier.

Then he bought coffee for those in the car behind him at Dunkin Donuts. He added time to expiring parking meters in Bridgeport. He also brought coffee for security guards, paid for someone’s laundry bill in Hartford and gave pizza to firefighters.

Fox CT caught up with Murphy in Waterbury, where he filled up a man’s gas tank and said hello to veterans at the local VFW Post 201.

He ended the day in Newtown completing his 26th act of kindness–lighting a candle at church and whispering a prayer.