Sen. Murphy & Mayor Segarra to talk revitalization in Hartford’s North End

By:  Crystal Hall
Fox Connecticut

HARTFORD — There are some new and exciting opportunities that are on the horizon for Hartford’s North End.

To highlight what’s in store for community members, Senator Chris Murphy (D) and Mayor Pedro Segarra will host a town hall meeting Tuesday evening.

They are inviting all North Hartford residents and business owners to partake in this meeting.

This comes just weeks after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development designated North Hartford as a “promise zone.”

That means the area will receive preferences for federal programs that will help address the community’s needs.

North Hartford was 1 or 6 high-poverty urban neighborhoods out of 97 chosen to win this promise zone designation.

In order to be eligible one of the qualifications was dependent upon the overall poverty of residents within the promise zone.

The rule was that the rate of poverty within the zone must be more than 33 percent, North Hartford’s rate of poverty is 50 percent.

Research and revitalization launched by Senator Murphy to get North Hartford in the running is a big reason the area was selected.

We can expect to see some new programs start that will help reduce crime, improve health and wellness and increase economic activity.

We’re actually starting to see that happen now with development underway that includes some much needed renovations at schools and the community center so this promise zone designation would continue to bolster the city’s efforts.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Phillips Metropolitan CME Church Complex on Main Street in North Hartford.