Sen. Murphy Leading On Climate Change

Hartford Courant

As world leaders prepare to meet in Paris in a few weeks, we applaud Sen. Chris Murphy for supporting the Obama administration's efforts to forge an international agreement on climate change. At a recent Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing, he called out climate science deniers for doing everything they can to undermine these critical negotiations.

As Sen. Murphy noted, Connecticut is already benefiting under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative from investing in a clean energy future that creates jobs, reduces carbon pollution and reduces the cost of electricity for consumers. We appreciate Sen. Murphy's support for an agreement that will ensure that every country does its fair share to reduce carbon pollution and meet our obligation to leave our children and grandchildren a better future.

Lori Brown, Hartford; and Gene Karpinski, Washington, D.C

The writers are executive director of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and president of the League of Conservation Voters, respectively.