Senator seeks input from “fed up” drivers to improve commute

By:  Brian Spyros
WTNH News 8

BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Everyday across Connecticut there are hundreds of thousands of people on the roads, many of them heading to and from work. And as many of us know, it creates a great deal of traffic and congestion on many of the major highways. Now one U.S. senator wants hear how you feel about it.

Are you frustrated with your commute along 95, 84 or 91? Do you think something has to be done to ease the burden of sitting in traffic?

Well, Senator Chris Murphy wants to hear all about your frustrations and the stress it’s causing. Murphy has launched a website and online survey appropriately called “Fed Up.” He wants to hear directly from commuters here in Connecticut about why they’re fed up with the traffic and infrastructure here in our state.

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Here’s how it works — you go on the website. You answer a few quick questions — such as how long is your commute and how that commute impacts your life on a daily basis. You then put in your name, address, etc. and click submit.

“The problems we have on 95, 84 and Metro North are not unfixable. It’s just a matter of coming up with the resources to fix the exit ramps, widen the highways, put more trains on the line,” said Murphy.

So you’re probably wondering — is anyone going to really care about what I have to say? Does it really matter? Well, Sen. Murphy says he plans on bringing all of these concerns to Washington as he tries to get federal funding for road and rail improvements in Connecticut.

At the very least, it could be therapeutic for you to vent.

To send in your ideas to Sen Murphy, you can visit his Senate webpage.

For Sen. Murphy’s Periscope account, you can click here.