Senators Call For More Military, Economic Aid For Ukraine

(CBS Connecticut) – Senators Chris Murphy and John McCain are pushing for more economic and military aid for Ukraine.

The two addressed a gathering of hundreds during a forum at the Ukrainian National Home in Hartford this morning. Murphy says russia’s president wants to turn back the clock.

“To me, this issue is personal as well,” Murphy said. “Make no mistake about it, Vladimir Putin has one agenda, and it is to re-establish some new version of the Soviet empire.”

Meeting with reporters afterward, McCain said the Obama administration needs to change its position on weapons for the Ukrainians.

“There is no doubt that they [the Ukrainians] are being outgunned by Vladimir Putin, and we have already had legislation authorizing it thanks to Senator Murphy’s leadership. Now we need to press the administration to do more,” McCain said.

McCain says the strain of war has put the Ukrainian economy on the verge of collapse.