U.S. Senator blasts First Light for Candlewood Lake Authority funding cut

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Another person is joining the fight to get First Light Power Resources to continue funding the Candlewood Lake Authority at historical amounts. Senator Chris Murphy has written to First Light's parent company, GDF Suez Energy North America, blasting the 80-percent reduction in funding. Murphy says finding a way to preserve the historical, collaborative nature of the relationship between the owner of the lake and the Candlewood Lake Authority will help bolster and improve goodwill.

The lake's owner wants to more equitably distribute the funds it contributes in the 23-town Housatonic River region.

Murphy says while he appreciates First Light's effort to more broadly and equitably distribute the funds, this should not come at the expense of the equally worthy safety, shoreline, and lake management activities on Candlewood.

Murphy called Candlewood a regional treasure and said the local caretakers need to be able to rely on consistent partnership with First Light in order to adequately manage the mutual benefit. He added that the total funding, less than $100,000, is a pittance compared to the revenue GDF Suez generates from this asset.

CLA Executive Director Larry Marsicano says what was $50,000 is now $10,000 annually.