Murphy: “The Supreme Court won’t stop that unconscionable policy, but an act of Congress can.”

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations and the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committees, on Tuesday released a statement calling for passage of his bill to block President Trump’s travel ban after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was permitted under the law. Ahead of oral arguments in the case, Murphy pressed the administration for more information on the implementation of the policy, noting that the administration has provided “little specificity” and a “lack of transparency” on how the travel ban is being administered. Murphy last year introduced three bills to block funding for the enforcement of each successive version of the travel ban. In a 2017 column about President Trump’s Muslim ban entitled, How Trump Just Made America Less Safe, Murphy wrote, “This isn’t who we are. It’s not who we should be. And I will fight this policy with all that I have.”

“People in Connecticut remember that this country's history is tightly connected to our history rescuing families from terror and torture and persecution. This Supreme Court decision essentially gives the White House license to discriminate based on nationality or religion, which stands in direct opposition to what I was taught to love about this country.  This creates an untenable policy where President Trump is bombing countries, creating a humanitarian nightmare inside them, and then slamming the door shut on suffering families who are desperate for a way out,” said Murphy. “The Supreme Court won’t stop that unconscionable policy, but an act of Congress can. I have a bill that would immediately stop President Trump’s mean-spirited Muslim ban and once again open our doors to children and parents suffering at the hands of our enemies.”