WALLINGFORD – Today, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced that Proton OnSite, a Wallingford-based manufacturer of hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero-air generators, is this week’s “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer.” Founded in 1996, the manufacturer provides on-site gas generation for power plants, semiconductor manufacturers, and laboratories, serving the aerospace, fueling, and renewable energy industries, as well as the U.S. military. Currently, Proton Onsite is producing electrolyzer cell stacks for UTC Aerospace Systems, which will be used on the U.S. Virginia Class of submarines constructed by Connecticut’s own Electric Boat.

With the help of their nearly 90-person workforce, Proton Onsite has recently increased both their international and domestic business. In the last four years alone, the manufacturer has hired an additional 16 local Connecticut workers just to help keep up with demands. This past May, the company was even awarded the President’s “E” Award at a ceremony at the White House for their substantial role in expanding U.S. exports and growing the U.S. economy.

“In just the last 18 years, Proton OnSite has set new standards for research and innovation. They’ve invented clean energy technologies for clients in more than 75 countries on all seven continents and have broken new ground in the field of space travel that will enable NASA’s astronauts to take longer missions and store more oxygen on board spacecraft,” said Murphy. “But even as Proton OnSite focuses on meeting the demanding requirements of the worldwide aerospace and energy industries, they’ve shared their time, their successes, and more than $2 million with the local community to help high school students earn four-year degrees and help interns get valuable real-world skills and experience. Proton Onsite is devoted to fueling the next generation of innovators, and I’ll continue to do all that I can to support their praiseworthy efforts.”

Robert J. Friedland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Proton OnSite, said, “Proton OnSite has always appreciated the fact that Connecticut places such value in its local manufacturers. We are proud to be considered the leader in on-site gas generation, and we are equally proud to call the state of Connecticut home. We will continue to leverage our focus on customer solutions, industry leading innovation, high quality products and world class service to assure future growth.”

The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role throughout Connecticut communities, creating new jobs and accelerating our state’s economic recovery. Today, Connecticut’s 4,602 manufacturers account for 10.2% of the state’s jobs and 87% of the state’s total exports. In order to protect and grow manufacturing jobs in Connecticut, Murphy has introduced two pieces of legislation that aim to strengthen existing standards and prioritize the purchase of American-made goods, the 21st Century Buy American Act and the American Jobs Matter Act.