NEW HAVEN – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced that Space-Craft Manufacturing, Inc. is this week’s “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer.” In 1970, Space-Craft was founded in Milford, Connecticut, as a machine shop for gas turbine engine components. Today, the company operates out a 28,500 square foot facility in the Mill River District of New Haven, where the Space-Craft team manufactures precision-machined parts for aircraft and land-based gas turbine engines, as well as airframe components and other commercial items. Space-Craft uses CNC turning and 5 axis milling capabilities to serve customers including General Electric Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Sikorsky, the U.S. Airforce, and the U.S. Navy. Space-Craft employs 47 workers, many of whom have been with the company for upwards of 20 years and have over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. The company is actively looking to hire new employees and expand their workforce. 

The Space-Craft team is highly involved in serving their community. Since 2003, the Space-Craft team has sponsored an Endowed Scholarship for full-time undergraduate students of Hispanic descent at Southern Connecticut State University. They have also supported the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, the New Haven Preservation Trust, the Hartford Parent University to support child development and learning, and various other Connecticut-based organizations. Space-Craft has also been recognized with various awards for their quality products and service, including the U.S. Air Force’s National Supplier of the Year Award.  

“The team at Space-Craft makes it possible for Connecticut manufacturers of all sizes to deliver world-class products and keep tens of thousands of Connecticut residents employed. They’re helping Connecticut’s prospective students fulfill their dreams and earn a college degree,” said Murphy. “And they’re helping to attract new businesses, residents, and workers to the old industrial area of New Haven’s Mill River District – which could spark redevelopment and economic growth throughout the New Haven community. Space-Craft is doing great things for all of Connecticut, and I’ll continue to work hard on behalf of manufacturers just like them across the state.”

Pedro Soto, Chief Operating Officer at Space-Craft Manufacturing, Inc., said, “It is a competitive advantage to be a Connecticut-based aerospace supplier. The strength of the regional supply chain is one that few other manufacturing regions can match. Space-Craft would not be as successful an aerospace company if it were located in a different region.” 

The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role throughout Connecticut communities, creating new jobs and accelerating our state’s economic recovery. Today, Connecticut’s 4,602 manufacturers account for 10.2% of the state’s jobs and 87% of the state’s total exports. In order to protect and grow manufacturing jobs in Connecticut, Murphy has introduced two pieces of legislation that aim to strengthen existing standards and prioritize the purchase of American-made goods, the 21st Century Buy American Act and the American Jobs Matter Act.