WASHINGTON –U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) issued the following statement today, marking six months since the tragic shooting at Sandy HookElementary School. Earlier today, Murphy joined Newtown families and his colleagues in the House and Senate to discuss the future of gun violence legislation in Congress.

In the six months since tragedy struck Newtown, Congress has shamefully failed to act. It’s unconscionable that so many have turned their backs on Newtown and the families of the victims of gun violence from all parts of this country. In Congress, it’s our responsibility to listen to the will of the people, and the people have spoken time and time again: the time is now for passage of common sense gun legislation. The public has grieved with Newtown families. It has felt pain, anger, and heartache since the massacre on December 14, and it has called for action.  Ninety percent of Americans support background checks, and the majority of Americans support a ban on high capacity magazines. But while the gun lobby and others refuse to accept public opinion, we won’t give up. We cannot turn our backs on the American people, and we must continue the fight for those who elected us to represent them. But most especially, we must continue the fight for the victims of gun violence. I vow to fight with every ounce of my being, every minute of every day, to get gun legislation over the finish line, and I know we will win this.