WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Saturday released a statement after the deadline for a partial government shutdown passed. Negotiators from the White House and Congress couldn’t come to an agreement after the president went back on his word and opposed a continuing resolution. This Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted unanimously to fund the government through February 8th, 2019 without funding for a border wall. On December 11th, President Trump vowed to take blame for shutting the government down if Congress didn’t fund the wall. 

“This is so stupid. Congress and the White House had a bipartisan agreement to fully fund the government, but now we’re in a shutdown because the president threw a tantrum about his border wall that no one on the border even wants and he promised Mexico would pay for,” said Murphy. “Republicans in Congress should be embarrassed. They’re two years into a governing majority and still have no idea what they’re doing. No wonder voters wanted a change.”