WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Saturday released a statement following reports of a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, which left at least ten people dead and several injured.

“The news of today's shooting was heart-wrenching. How many times must our country grieve the senseless murder of innocent people before Congress does something about it? We cannot continue down this path -- something must change,” said Murphy. “Certainly, our loose gun laws are to blame, but we are also dealing with a much more insidious problem. Access to online cesspools of racial and religious hatred comes too easily today, and too often, political leaders are trading in the kind divisive rhetoric that caused people to fear those that look, or worship differently than them, and then act on those fears.”

“The president and leaders in Congress have an opportunity to change the conversation and save lives. They could expel from their base those who seek to win elections by fomenting outrage and fear with racist attacks on immigrants, or anti-Semitic 'globalist' conspiracy theories. They could demand their supporters cool down the rhetoric and stop demonizing and dehumanizing journalists or political opponents. And they could close loopholes and pass stronger gun laws so evil men consumed by hatred cannot assemble deadly arsenals,” Murphy added. “People in Connecticut are sick of this. I'm sick of this. That's why I will keep doing everything I can to make our world a safer and more tolerant world for our children.”