WASHINGTON–U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Tuesday released the following statement after President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union Address to Congress:

“President Biden’s speech tonight was a reminder of just how impressive his first two years in office have been. Thanks to his economic agenda, we’re seeing historic job growth and the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. But he’s right: there’s a lot more we can do to cut costs, protect workers, and make sure wealthy corporations pay their fair share. It was exciting to hear that his plan includes limiting the use of non-compete agreements, a bipartisan issue I’ve worked closely on for years.

“The president’s support was instrumental to getting the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act across the finish line. We’ve still got enormous work to do to end the scourge of gun violence, and I was glad to hear his calls for Congress to build on last summer’s success and pass an assault weapons ban. While we work on legislative solutions, I am confident the president will direct his administration to fully implement the BSCA’s lifesaving provisions.

“At a time when democracy is in peril around the world, America’s leadership has never been more important. The administration’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been nothing short of extraordinary, and the president was clear that the United States will continue leading the international effort to support Ukraine. America is back, and the rest of the world notices.

“The last two years proved that government can still do big, important things, and I look forward to working with President Biden this year on continuing to deliver for the American people.”