WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism, on Friday released a statement on the deal proposed by Israel to end the hostilities in Gaza, secure the release of the remaining hostages, and provide long term security for the Israeli and Palestinian people.  

“President Biden is right: it’s time for this war to end, for the hostages to come home, and for the rebuilding of Gaza to begin. Hamas has been devastated, but the cost is a humanitarian crisis that is worse than ever before, requiring a massive infusion of aid to suffering Palestinians in an environment free from conflict. With the help of U.S. negotiators, the Israelis proposed an agreement that is the best chance to bring an end to the suffering in Gaza and return the hostages to their families. Hamas must accept this deal for an immediate 6-week ceasefire, and, eventually, a permanent end to hostilities. The only way we can achieve long term security for both the state of Israel and the Palestinian people is if both sides commit to seeing this deal through and focus on the day after.”