WASHINGTON–U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Wednesday released the following statement after Senate Republicans blocked consideration of the bipartisan national security supplemental:

“Senate Republicans are now just as dysfunctional as House Republicans. I spent four months in good-faith negotiations with Senator Lankford and Senator Sinema because Republicans demanded aid to Ukraine be tied to one of our most complex domestic policy issues. We achieved what almost everyone said was impossible – the first serious bipartisan border compromise in a decade. Republicans asked for this, and yet within 24 hours, they backed down because Donald Trump told them to preserve chaos at the border because he thinks it helps him politically. The American people want us to solve tough problems like fixing the broken asylum system, and it’s shameful Republicans would rather yell about the border on cable news than pass legislation. But the future of global stability and desperately needed humanitarian aid hangs in the balance, so I am ready to pass a supplemental funding bill with or without the border provisions.”