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Far too many Connecticut homeowners lay awake at night worrying about out how to save their homes. Faulty foundations through central and eastern Connecticut continue to be a nightmare for families. Thousands of homeowners are trapped in dangerous homes through no fault of their own, and insurers have so far refused to do their part.

While I am still fighting to pass federal funds to address this crisis, my office has provided resources to help Connecticut residents find the information they need to get identify the problem and get assistance. I know the resources that exist today are of small comfort, and there’s a whole lot more to do. I will continue to fight every day for federal assistance to solve this crisis.

Identifying and Reporting the Problem

Information regarding the following can be found at

  • Background 
  • Legislation
  • Funding Assistance. 
  • Identifying if your concrete foundation has issues. 
  • How to get testing for possible crumbling foundations

If your home may be affected by crumbling foundations, you can file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection here.

To contact directly the Department of Consumer Protection at 1-800-842-2649 or email

Core Testing Reimbursement Program

If you suspect you have a crumbling foundation and would like to conduct a core test, you may be eligible for testing reimbursement. Learn more about program eligibility at

Connecticut’s Captive Insurance Company

The State of Connecticut stepped up to the plate and passed bipartisan legislation establishing a captive insurance company to help homeowners finance foundation repairs. This 501(c)(3) created the guidelines and criteria to begin disbursing the $100 million in funds the state has pledged to help with this crisis over the next five years. You can learn more about the captive insurance fund and how to apply for assistance here.

Dealing with and Avoiding Scams

The Department of Consumer Protection has also issued a warning to homeowners to be wary of scams to repair or replace faulty concrete. Before signing contracts or paying for any service read about ways to avoid scams.

Have Additional Questions?

If you are still having trouble finding the appropriate service or you aren’t sure where to turn to, you can always feel free to call my office in Hartford at 860-549-8463. We have trained caseworkers on staff who will be able to assist you.

My Work on the Issue

  • July 2016- Met with CT Insurers and urged them to participate in a state relief program.
  • May 2017- Joined Senator Blumenthal in urging Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science to provide funding for pyrrhotite research. The bill passed and directed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to consider determining safe levels of pyrrhotite in concrete aggregate.
  • July 2017- Sent a letter to the IRS with Senator Blumenthal, urging them to allow affected homeowners to deduct the cost of replacement as a casualty loss. 
  • August 2017—Attended a meeting in Tolland with local leaders and homeowners to hear about progress and concerns related to crumbling foundations. 
  • November 2017—The IRS announced that homeowner who repair their foundations qualify for a casualty loss deduction from their federal taxes. 
  • December 2017—Spoke out against changes in the Republican tax bill eliminating the casualty loss deduction from the tax code. 
  • February 2018— The IRS updated their guidance to allow homeowners to make qualified repairs to their homes through the end of 2020, and to claim those repairs on an amended 2017 federal tax return through April 2021.
  • April 2018—Invited U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson to Connecticut at an Appropriations hearing.
  • April 2018— I introduced the Aid to Homeowners with Crumbling Foundations Act to provide $100 million over five years from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to states like Connecticut that have created non-profit crumbling foundations assistance funds to repair damage to residential structures due pyrrhotite. Additionally, I cosponsored Senator Blumenthal’s Crumbling Foundations Small Business and Homeowners Assistance Act to create a similar grant program through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • June 2018- Secretary Ben Carson visits Connecticut to learn more about crumbling foundations and hear from local leaders. The delegation then followed up the visit with a letter to Secretary Carson urging him to work with the administration to find relief for homeowners.  
  • August 2018- The U.S. Senate passes amendments directing the Government Accountability Office to assess the financial impact of crumbling foundations and outline potential federal resources to assist and also directing the U.S. Geological Survey to create a nationwide map showing where pyrrhotite can be found.