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Our democracy is based on the fundamental principle that all Americans have an equal voice in their government: one person, one vote. But today, due to a series of Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, a tiny handful of ultra-wealthy donors have an outsized influence on our political system, tipping the scales of democracy away from everyday voters with their checkbooks.

We have to restore the voice of the people, which is why I will continue to fight for a constitutional amendment to repeal the Citizens United decision and fully protect voters’ First Amendment rights. I strongly support public funding of federal campaigns. I am a proud original cosponsor of the Fair Elections Now Act, which would establish a system of public campaign financing like the one we have in Connecticut for state-level elections. Candidates should be able to seek political office without having to turn to big donors, powerful corporations, and lobbyists for funding.

The concept of “one person, one vote” has also been threatened by attempts to infringe on voting rights. States across the country have passed voter ID laws, made cuts to early voting and eliminated same-day registration. I‘ll continue to work to ensure that voters across the country, no matter their color or creed, can freely exercise one of our most basic constitutional rights.

Too many citizens today feel like they have lost control of their government. I believe we need fundamental election reform in order to make sure that our democracy is truly representative of the people we serve.