Perhaps the 15-hour filibuster back in June gave him some ideas about feats of endurance.

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, who stood at a podium on the U.S. Senate floor into the wee hours of the morning in an effort to force a vote on gun legislation, set off on a long walk Monday, beginning in Voluntown on the Rhode Island border.

The idea, he said in a video on Twitter, is to walk generally west, up to 20 miles a day for six days, meeting people in Connecticut and listening to "what people care about."

"Maybe I'll be able to get a perspective walking across the state different than you get any other way," Mr. Murphy said.

Of course, this might be a publicity stunt, a run-up to a re-election campaign a couple of years down the road. But any time a politician actually makes her or himself available to the public, the effort should be applauded.

Twenty miles a day could take him nearly to Stamford. From Norwich to Norwalk, Mr. Murphy should hear plenty of stories about Connecticut's slow economic rebound and its woes with drug addiction, and he will certainly experience its infrastructure problems first-hand.

A long walk often brings perspective. Mr. Murphy's chosen a good place for it.