VOLUNTOWN--In eastern Connecticut, Sen. Chris Murphy is walking.

"I'm trying to do something different,” Murphy said.

He's traveling across Connecticut on foot, meeting people and getting feedback from folks in the state he represents.

"You get a feel for a place and a town and a space by walking it in a way, that you don't just driving point to point,” Murphy told FOX 61.

Murphy can't promise he'll finish the journey, acknowledging he’s never walked this much before.  But he does promise to go as far as his body will let him.

"I don't know that I'm going to make it the whole way,” said Murphy, “that my feet and legs will keep up, but I figure it's just a totally different way to try to get to know the different people of the state, have them get to know me."

He started in Voluntown on Monday and is heading west.

Murphy hopes to average 20 miles a day and finish in Greenwich this weekend. It would be a total of 120 miles.

He’s doing this all the while documenting the places and people he meets on his Twitter feed.

Stops have included Fleming’s Feed and Hardware in Preston City, and meeting owners of a blueberry farm on the Norwich line.

Murphy tweeted from Norwich Tuesday morning, "To be brutally frank, my approval ratings not very high at Butch's. ‘Time to take this country back!’ says Butch.”

Murphy also toured Mitchell Farm in Salem, which he tweeted rescues old horses from slaughter.

"Businesses feel a little bit of optimism here but they're worried about government getting in the way of regulations that are going to cut down on their opportunity to make some money," said Murphy.

They are concerns and ideas he plans to bring back to Washington after his unique approach to keeping in touch with residents.