Murphy and Blumenthal Join Senate and House Democrats to Introduce Resolution to Reinstate Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON, DC – On Net Neutrality National Day of Action, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) joined Senate and House Democrats to introduce a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) partisan decision on net neutrality. The Senate CRA resolution of disapproval stands at 50 supporters, including Republican Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). The House of Representatives CRA resolution currently has 150 co-sponsors. The FCC’s Open Internet Order prohibited internet service providers from blocking, slowing down, or discriminating against content online. Repealing these net neutrality rules could lead to higher prices for consumers, slower internet traffic, and even blocked websites. A recent poll showed that 83 percent of Americans do not approve of the FCC’s action to repeal net neutrality rules.

At a press conference to announce the introduction of House and Senate resolutions to fully restore the 2015 Open Internet Order, Blumenthal said, “I’m proud to stand with my colleagues. Democrats are absolutely united behind preserving freedom on the internet – it is that simple. The FCC’s new rule will throttle and block and discriminate against entrepreneurs and small businesses in Connecticut and all across the country. It will discriminate against students and ordinary Americans who simply want a free and open internet where they can connect and compete. This is about American values and American freedom.” Video of Blumenthal’s full remarks at the press conference is available for download here.

“The success of your business or website shouldn’t depend on whether you have enough money to pay off your cable company. No one in Connecticut wants companies in charge of deciding which websites get fast tracked and which get slowed down. We need to bring back net neutrality and keep the internet free and open,” said Murphy.

Last week, the FCC’s rule repealing net neutrality was published in the Federal Register, leaving 60 legislative days to seek a vote on the Senate floor on the CRA resolutions. In order to force a vote on the Senate resolution, Senator Markey will submit a discharge petition, which requires a minimum of 30 Senators’ signatures. Once the discharge petition is filed, Senator Markey and Senate Democrats will demand a vote on the resolution.

A copy of the CRA resolution can be found here.