WASHINGTON–U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Thursday released the following statement after President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union Address to Congress:

“Tonight’s speech laid out the historic progress of the last few years – record job creation, lower prescription drug costs, new benefits for veterans, billions to upgrade our infrastructure, and the first comprehensive gun safety bill in thirty years. But we’ve still got work to do, and President Biden provided a clear vision to keep the ball moving forward.

“Too many Americans are feeling powerless. While they struggle to afford rent or find time to spend with their family, mega-corporations and the ultrarich keep getting richer. Joe Biden gets it, and that’s why his administration is laser-focused on shifting power back to the American people by lowering costs and making sure wealthy corporations pay their fair share.

“After Republicans spent decades packing the courts with right-wing judges, our fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake and the Dobbs decision was only the beginning. I’m glad the president used this moment to double down on his promise to protect reproductive rights.

“President Biden believes that America is stronger when we work together, and despite Republicans tanking the strongest border security bill in decades, he is committed to finding a bipartisan fix for the crisis at the border. It’s on Republicans to get serious about the job they were elected to do.

“This is a pivotal moment for democracy at home and abroad, and President Biden has proven he is the leader who can build a better future for every American.”