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September 2021

Murphy: Withdrawal from Afghanistan Is a Chance to Move On to Fights That Are Actually Winnable
Murphy, Blumenthal Introduce Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Nominee Sara Bronin Before Senate Confirmation Hearing
Murphy Statement on Biden's Inaugural UN General Assembly Address
Murphy Applauds Biden Decision to Increase Refugee Admissions
Murphy Statement on Apple and Google Decision to Limit Access to Navalny Election App
Murphy Welcomes Afghan Refugees to Connecticut
Murphy on Morning Joe: Republicans Are Trying to Obscure 20 Years of Bad Decision-Making in Afghanistan
During Blinken Hearing, Murphy Calls for Realistic View of What Was Possible in Afghanistan
Murphy Op-Ed Ahead of Blinken Hearing: "Afghanistan Wasn't a Failure of Execution. It Was a Failure of Hubris."
Murphy on Administration's Decision to Send Aid to Egypt Despite Human Rights Concerns
Murphy Statement on Withdrawal of Chipman Nomination
Murphy CODEL Concludes Visit to Lebanon, Israel, West Bank, Tunisia, Greece
Murphy on CNNi: Idea that Terrorism Can Only Be Defeated with U.S. Military Occupation Abroad is "Nonsense"
Murphy on Taliban Caretaker Government: Formation Does Not Automatically Lend Them Legitimacy
Murphy, Hayes Join Colleagues in Push to Get Humanitarian Assistance to Afghans in Need

August 2021

Murphy, Blumenthal, Van Hollen, Ossoff Travel to Lebanon, Israel, West Bank to Discuss Regional Security and Democracy
Murphy Highlights Norwalk's JuiceBar as "Innovator of the Month"
Murphy on CNN: U.S. Should Not Recognize the Taliban, But We Have to Talk to Them to Make Our Expectations Clear on Evacuations
Murphy Statement on Devastating Attack on Kabul Airport
Murphy Urges Biden Administration to Take Advantage of Parole to Expedite Evacuation of Afghans